1.   Integrated M.A. English
2.   Integrated M.A. Hindi
3.   Integrated M.A. Kannada
4.   Integrated M.A. Bengali
5.   Integrated M.A. Fine Arts
6.   Integrated M.A. Sanskrit
7.   Integrated M.A. Political Science
8.   Integrated M.A. History
9.   Integrated M.A. Economics
10. Integrated M.A. Sociology
11  Integrated M.A. Philosophy
12. Integrated M.A. Psychology
13. Integrated M.A. Education
14. Integrated M.A. Sports & Physical Education
15. Integrated M.A. Geography
16. Integrated M.A. Public Administration
17. Integrated M.A. Indian Music & Dance
18. Integrated Master in Library Science
19. Integrated Master in Social Work
20. M.A. English
21. M.A. Hindi
22. M.A. Kannada
23. M.A. Bengali
24. M.A. Fine Arts
25. M.A. Sanskrit
26. M.A. Political Science
27. M.A. History
28. M.A. Economics
29. M.A. Sociology
30. M.A. Philosophy
31. M.A. Psychology
32. M.A. Education
33. M.A. Sports & Physical Education
34. M.A. Geography
35. M.A. Public Administration
36. Master in Library Science
37. M.A. Indian Music & Dance
38. Master in Social Work
39. LLM
40. B.A Open
41. B.A General
42. B.A English
43. B.A Hindi
44. B.A Kannada
45. B.A Telugu
46. B.A Tamil
47. B.A Marathi
48. B.A Bangali
49. B.A Santali
50. B.A Sanskrit
51. B.A Urdu
52. B.A Punjabi
53. B.A Pol. Science
54. B.A Sociology
55. B.A Home Science
56. B.A Philosophy
57. B.A Business Economics
58. B.A Psychology
59. B.A History
60. B.A Education
61. B.A Public Administration
62. B.A Police Administration
63. B.A Geography
64. B.A Work Education
65. B.A Tourism Management
66. B.A Hotel Management
67. B.A Fine arts
68. B.A Music
69. B.A Dance
70. Bachelor in Library Science
71. B.A Sport Management
72. B.A Maths
73. B.A Economics
74. Bachelor in Social Work
Sr. No. Courses Name
Sr. No. Courses Name
1. Integrated M.com
2. M.com
3. B.Com Open
4. B.Com General
5. B.Com Computer Application
6. B.Com Accountancy
7. B.Com Finance Management
8. B.Com Education Management
9. B.Com International Business
10. B.Com Marketing Management
SNo Courses Name
1.   Industry Integrated M.Tech Computer Science
2.   Industry Integrated M.Tech Civil Engineering
3.   Industry Integrated M.Tech Mechanical Engineering
4.   Industry Integrated M.Tech Electrical Engineering
5.   Industry Integrated M.Tech Electronics & Communication Engineering
6.   Industry Integrated M.Tech Automobile Engineering
7.   Industry Integrated M.Tech Chemical Engineering
8.   Industry Integrated M.Tech Textile Engineering
9.   Industry Integrated M.Tech IT
10. Industry Integrated M.Tech Electronics & Tele Communication Engineering
11. Industry Integrated B.Tech Computer Science
12. Industry Integrated B.Tech Civil Engineering
13. Industry Integrated B.Tech Mechanical Engineering
14. Industry Integrated B.Tech Electrical Engineering
15. Industry Integrated B.Tech Electronics & Communication Engineering
16. Industry Integrated B.Tech Automobile Engineering
17. Industry Integrated B.Tech Chemical Engineering
18. Industry Integrated B.Tech Textile Engineering
19. Industry integrated B.Tech Aeronautics Engineering
20. Industry Integraged Diploma in Civil Engineering
21. Industry Integraged Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
22. Industry Integraged Diploma in Electrical Engineering
23. Industry Integraged Diploma in Electronics and Communcation Engineering
24. Industry Integraged Diploma in Automobile Engineering
25. Industry Integraged Diploma in Chemical Engineering
26. Industry Integraged Diploma in Computer Science
SNo. Courses Name
1.Gate course (Equivalence to 8th std) English,Kannada,Hindi and Bengali medium.
Eligibility - Proof of Age/Qualification - Birth Certificate issued by Municipality or
Local Bodies, or Government Recognized institution/ School Studied Last and 14
Years as on July 31st Scheme A (Maths,Science and social Studies) Scheme B
(Maths,Ecomomics and Business Studies) 1st laungage ENGLISH and 2nd
Laungage optional ( Kannada, Telugu, Tamil,Sanskrit,Hindi and Bengali.

2.Bridge Course (Equivalence to 10th std) English,Kannada,Hindi and Bengali
medium. Eligibility - Proof of Age/Qualification - Transfer certificate from Last School
Attended. Or Extract from the Admission Registrar maintained by the school and
certified by the Head of the Institution 15 Year as on July 31st/Gate Course Pass or
equivalent course, 7th Class Pass Scheme A (Maths,Science and social Studies)
Scheme B (Maths,Ecomomics and Business Studies) 1st laungage ENGLISH and
2nd Laungage optional ( Kannada, Telugu, Tamil,Sanskrit,Hindi and Bengali".

3. Pre University/Degree Bridge Course (Equivalence to 11th std)
English,Kannada,Hindi and Bengali medium. Eligibility - Proof of Age/Qualification 
Attested photo copy of the SSLC Mark Sheet / Equivalent 16 Years as on July
31st/Bridge Course Pass Scheme A ( Maths,Physics,Chemistry,Computer
Science) Scheme B ( Maths,Physics,Chemistry , Biology) Scheme C (
History,Geography,Pol Scince, Sociology) Scheme D( Economics, Business
Studies,Accountancy, Data Entry) Scheme E (Politcal Scince,
Sociology,Sociology,Phychology,Economics) 1st laungage ENGLISH and 2nd
Laungage optional ( Kannada, Telugu, Tamil,Sanskrit,Hindi and Bengali
Pre University/Degree Bridge Course (Equivalence to 12th std) Eligibility -Proof of
Age/Qualification  Attested Photo Copy of the SSLC Mark sheet + 11th standard
completed Mark sheet (even if fail) as proof certified by the Head of the Institution/
11th Grade Completion Proof Years as on July 31st/11th Grade Pass /Bridge
Course 1st Year Pass. Or 10th Class Pass Scheme A (
Maths,Physics,Chemistry,Computer Science) Scheme B (
Maths,Physics,Chemistry , Biology) Scheme C ( History,Geography,Pol Scince,
Sociology) Scheme D( Economics, Business Studies,Accountancy, Data Entry)
Scheme E (Politcal Scince, Sociology,Sociology,Phychology,Economics) 1st
laungage ENGLISH and 2nd Laungage optional ( Kannada, Telugu,
Tamil,Sanskrit,Hindi and Bengali
1. Integrated MSc IT
2. Integrated MSc Computer Science
3. Integrated MSc Multimedia and Animation
4. Integrated MSc Computer Hardware And Networking
5. MSc IT
6. MSc Computer Science
7. MSc Multimedia and Animation
8. MSc Computer Hardware And Networking
9. Industry Integrated Master in computer application
10. Industry Integrated Bachelor in computer application
11. BSc IT
12. BSc CS
1. MBA Marketing
2. MBA Finance
4. MBA Agri-Business and Rural Banking
5. MBA Hospital and Health Care Management
6. MBA NGO Management
7. MBA Construction Management
8. MBA Hospitality & Tourism
9. MBA Hotel Management
10. MBA Information Technology
11. MBA International Business
12. MBA Retail
13. MBA Foot-ware Technology
14. MBA Material Management
15. MBA Event Management
16. MBA Insurance & Banking
17. MBA Infrastructure Management
18. MBA Hospitality
19. MBA Customer Relationship Management
20. MBA Aviation
21. MBA Logistic & Supply chain Management
22. MBA Industrial Management
23. MBA Export & Import
24. MBA Energy Management
25. MBA Printing and Publishing
26. EMBA Marketing
27. EMBA Finance
29. MBA General
30. MBA Dual Specialisation
31. EMBA General
32. EMBA Agri-Business and Rural Banking
33. EMBA Hospital and Health Care Management
34. EMBA NGO Management
35. EMBA Construction Management
36. EMBA Hospitality & Tourism
37. EMBA Hotel Management
38. EMBA Information Technology
39. EMBA International Business
40. EMBA Retail
41. EMBA Foot-ware Technology
42. EMBA Material Management
43. EMBA Event Management
44. EMBA Insurance & Banking
45. EMBA Infrastructure Management
46. EMBA Hospitality
47. EMBA Customer Relationship Management
48. EMBA Aviation
49. EMBA Logistic & Supply chain Management
50. EMBA Industrial Management
51  EMBA Export & Import
52. EMBA Energy Management
53. EMBA Printing and Publishing
54. MBA Aviation & Hospitality
55. EMBA Aviation & Hospitality
56. Industry Integrated BBA
57. Industry Integrated BBA Marketing
58. Industry Integrated BBA Finance
59. Industry Integrated BBA HR
60. Industry Integrated BBA Agri-Business and Rural Banking
61. Industry Integrated BBA Hospital and Health Care Management
62. Industry Integrated BBA NGO Management
63. Industry Integrated BBA Construction Management
64. Industry Integrated BBA Hospitality & Tourism
65. Industry Integrated BBA Hotel Management
66. Industry Integrated BBA Information Technology
67. Industry Integrated BBA International Business
68. Industry Integrated BBA Retail
69. Industry Integrated BBA Foot-ware Technology
70. Industry Integrated BBA Material Management
71. Industry Integrated BBA Event Management
72. Industry Integrated BBA Insurance & Banking
73. Industry Integrated BBA Infrastructure Management
74. Industry Integrated BBA Hospitality
75. Industry Integrated BBA Customer Relationship Management
76. Industry Integrated BBA Aviation
77. Industry Integrated BBA Logistic & Supply chain Management
78. Industry Integrated BBA Industrial Management
79. Industry Integrated BBA Export & Import
80. Industry Integrated BBA Energy Management
81. Industry Integrated BBA Printing and Publishing
1. Industry Integrated EMBA Marketing
2. Industry Integrated EMBA Finance
3. Industry Integrated EMBA HR
4. Industry Integrated EMBA Agri-Business and Rural Banking
5. Industry Integrated EMBA Hospital & Health Care Management
6. Industry Integrated EMBA NGO Management
7. Industry Integrated EMBA Construction Management
8. Industry Integrated EMBA Hospitality & Tourism
9. Industry Integrated EMBA Hotel Management
10. Industry Integrated EMBA Information Technology
11. Industry Integrated EMBA International Business
12. Industry Integrated EMBA Retail
13. Industry Integrated EMBA Foot-ware Technology
14. Industry Integrated EMBA Material Management
15. Industry Integrated EMBA Event Management
16. Industry Integrated EMBA Insurance & Banking
17. Industry Integrated EMBA Infrastructure Management
18. Industry Integrated EMBA Hospitality
19. Industry Integrated EMBA Customer Relationship Management
20. Industry Integrated EMBA Aviation
21. Industry Integrated EMBA Logistic & Supply chain Management
22. Industry Integrated EMBA Industrial Management
23. Industry Integrated EMBA Export & Import
24. Industry Integrated EMBA Energy Management
25. Industry Integrated EMBA Printing and Publishing
26. Industry Intregated MBA General
27. Industry Integrated MBA Marketing
28. Industry Integrated MBA Finance
29. Industry Integrated MBA HR
30. Industry Integrated MBA Agri-Business and Rural Banking
31. Industry Integrated MBA Hospital and Health Care Management
32. Industry Integrated MBA NGO Management
33. Industry Integrated MBA Construction Management
34. Industry Integrated MBA Hospitality & Tourism
35. Industry Integrated MBA Hotel Management
36. Industry Integrated MBA Information Technology
37. Industry Integrated MBA International Business
38. Industry Integrated MBA Retail
39. Industry Integrated MBA Foot-ware Technology
40. Industry Integrated MBA Material Management
41. Industry Integrated MBA Event Management
42. Industry Integrated MBA Insurance & Banking
43. Industry Integrated MBA Infrastructure Management
44. Industry Integrated MBA Hospitality
45. Industry Integrated MBA Customer Relationship Management
46. Industry Integrated MBA Aviation
47. Industry Integrated MBA Logistic & Supply chain Management
48. Industry Integrated MBA Industrial Management
49. Industry Integrated MBA Export & Import
50. Industry Integrated MBA Energy Management
51. Industry Integrated MBA Printing and Publishing
52. Industry Intregated EMBA Aviation & Hospitality
53. Industry Intregated MBA Aviation & Hospitality
54. Industry Intregated EMBA General
Paramedical Stream
1. M.Sc Medical Lab Technology
2. B.Sc Medical lab technology
3. B.Sc Optometry
4. B.Sc Radiological technology
Science Stream
1. Integrated MSc Maths
2. Integrated MSc Statistics
3. Integrated MSc Physics
4. Integrated MSc Chemistry
5. Integrated MSc Botany
6. Integrated MSc Zoology
7. Integrated MSc Geography
8. Integrated MSc Environmental Science
9. Integrated MSc Home Science
10. Integrated MSc Microbiology
11. MSc Maths
12. MSc Statistics
13. MSc Physics
14. MSc Chemistry
15. MSc Botany
16. MSc Zoology
17. MSc Geography
18. MSc Environmental Science
19. MSc Home Science
20. MSc Environmental Science
21. MSc Microbiology
22. MSc Microbiology
23. B.Sc PCM
24. B.Sc PCB
25. B.Sc CBZ
26. B.Sc Maths
27. B.Sc Statistics
28. B.Sc Physics
29. B.Sc Chemistry
30. B.Sc Botany
31. B.Sc Zoology
32. B.Sc Geography
33. B.Sc Environmental Science
34. B.Sc Education
35. B.Sc Home Science
36. B.Sc Microbiology
37. B.Sc BioChemistry
38. B.Sc Life Science
39. B.Sc Bio Technology
40. B.Sc Bio-Informatics
41. B.Sc Agriculture
42. B.Sc Agri-Business
43. B.Sc Electronics Science
44. B.Sc Aviation
45. B.Sc Multimedia and Animation
46. B.Sc Fashion Design
47. B.Sc Interior Designing
48. B.Sc Dietetics and Applied Nutrition
49. B.Sc Textile Design
50. B.Sc Journalism and Mass Communication
51. B.Sc Computer Hardware and Networking
52. B.Sc Hotel management
53. B.Sc Jewellery Design
54. B.Sc Fire & Safety
55. B.Sc Footwear Technology
56. B.Sc Paint Technology
57. B.Sc Food Processing
1. Diploma in Tailoring
2. Diploma in Education
3. Diploma in Handicrafts
4. Diploma in Fashion Designing
5. Diploma in Pre-primary Teacher Training
6. Diploma in Nursery Teacher Training
7. Diploma in English
8. Diploma in Music ( in each Instrument specific and Vocal)
9. Diploma in Dance ( in each Dances specific)
10. Diploma in Mass Communication advertising and journalism
11. Diploma in Jewellery Designing
12. Diploma in Fashion Design & Clothing Construction
13. Diploma in Industrial Security and Private Investigation.
14. Diploma in Dairy and Farming
15. Diploma in Horticulture and Flower Culture
16. Diploma in Retail Management
17. Diploma in Hotel Management
18. Diploma in Housekeeping and facility management
19. Diploma in Beauty Cosmetology Health and Wellness
20. Diploma in Paint Technology
21. Diploma in Audio and Video Editing
22. Diploma in Digital Animation
23. Diploma in Computer Application
24. Diploma in Computer Hardware and Networking
25. Diploma in Computer Teachers Training
26. Diploma in Web designing and e-commerce
27. Diploma in Stenography & Computer Application
28. Diploma in Secretariat Practice & Accounting
29. Diploma in Banking & Finance
30. Diploma in Structure and Fabrication Technology
31. Diploma in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology
32. Diploma in Electrician
33. Diploma in Fitter
34. Diploma in Welder
35. Diploma in Construction Supervisor
36. Diploma in Mobile and Security system
37. Diploma in Automobile Technician
38. Diploma in Auxiliary Nurse Midwifery
39. Diploma in Yoga and Natural Therapy
40. Diploma in Multipurpose Health Worker
41. Diploma in Radiological Technology
42. Diploma in Veterinary Pharmacy
43. Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology
44. Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology
45. Diploma in Pharmacy Technology
46. Diploma in Health Assistant and Dresser
47. Diploma in Health and Sanitary Inspector
48. Diploma in Dental Mechanic and Hygienist
49. Diploma in Aviation and Hospitality Management
50. Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
51. Diploma in Transportation and Logistics
52. Diploma in Fire and Safety
53. Post Graduate Diploma in Paint Technology
Arts Stream
Commerce Stream
Engineering Stream
General Stream
SNo. Courses Name
SNo. Courses Name
SNo. Courses Name
SNo. Courses Name
Diploma programmes
SNo. Courses Name
Management Stream
SNo. Courses Name
Industry Integrated